“It is time to return to who you are and create the habit of being you” — Dr. Ashley Ghose

You can Heal From Trauma

Whether you’re suffering from the effects of traumatic childhood events or those of such traumatic events as abandonment, abuse, disease, and loss, you can heal and we can show you how!

I’ve collaborated with several exceptional authors to produce Transforming Trauma, which contains all the tools you need to experience healing and growth!

By reading Transforming Trauma, you will learn the following and more:

💖 How to transform the emotional triggers that are related to experiences with abandonment, abuse, disease, and loss.

💖 How to discover and transform limiting, destructive patterns.

💖 How to heal your inner child.

💖 How to transform pain into power, purpose, and passion.

💖 How to discover hidden talents.

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Happy reading and transforming! 💖